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A Higher Yoga Experience


Bend & Blaze is a community.


A safe space to explore elevated movement and breath alongside fellow blazers. Bend & Blaze is a practice of using cannabis for wellness, moving through intuitive flows, and breaking stigmas.

My experience at Bend & Blaze Yoga was heavenly! The space, the people, and Amanda’s skill as an instructor all make for a soothing yet uplifting class. I can’t wait to come back!
— Mary T.
I went to my first yoga class EVER last night and I must say I LOVED it! The environment was so friendly and a very beautiful flow of the space. The instructors were very helpful and I plan to be back soon! Thank you ladies you’re amazing!
— Lily H.
Hands down best yoga class I’ve ever been too! I keep coming back for more every week!
— Shelby W.
This class went beyond my expectations, the vibe was spot on, beautiful environment, instructors were excellent, and the yoga was challenging!! I cannot wait to come back, so grateful there’s a class like this out there
— Michaela S.