Bend & Blaze: Center Stage

Music themed classes


It’s Britney, Bitch

You wanna find inner peace… you better work bitch.

Join us for an all levels power vinyasa class set to the Britney catalog that raised us.

October 27th- Mark your calendars!



When Queen said “I hang my head and I advertise a soul for sale or rent.” and when Queen said “It’s late when I’m bleeding deep inside. It’s late. Ooh, is it just my sickly pride?” and when Queen said “For all the stars in heaven, I would not live, I could not live this way.” and when Queen said “Where will I be this tomorrow, jumped in joy or sinking in sorrow?”

Join us for a 60 minute flow to the legendary Queen.

Tuesday, November 5th


Bon Iver

Folk band Bon Iver began as a therapeutic solo project and grew to a full-fledged band with a growing list of collaborations and projects. Justin Vernon has gone from a lone folk crooner to the leader of an experimental collective. 

With an evolving sound, Bon Iver has always been tied to some form of escape.

Join us on November 24th for an elevated Bon Iver flow.

Bend & Blaze: Murder Mystery

Join us on Halloween night for an evening of simple flow, sesh and stories, music, costumes, and of course- a murder mystery.


It is time again for the annual Skull Manor Costume Ball! Skull Manor is an old estate in the heart of Spider City known for its captivating architecture, mysterious ambiance and unspeakable history. The townspeople have been scurrying about the streets to get ready for the big night of great food, inspiring conversations and, of course, outrageous gossip. This has been a daunting year of dissension and discord among many of the residents of Spider City. Rumors of blackmail, thievery, and scandalous controversies have been circulating throughout the town’s grapevines. We all hope everybody can put aside their differences for a night of fun. If not, there may be misfortune on the horizon. This is where your story begins.

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