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Join a brand that creates and activates communities by bringing together likeminded individuals.    

Our commitment to normalizing and de-stigmatizing cannabis, and creating an approachable space and experience to explore an elevated yoga practice is what sets us apart.

We believe in and understand the power of our communities. We believe in creating a space that is accessible to brand new students and advanced practitioners, novice cannabis users, and everyday blazers. We strive to provide a platform for an optimal human experience, to find a state of flow (or simply “to be present”), and to build embodiment awareness with the help of the cannabis plant. 

We are thrilled with our growth and have a deep conviction to supporting our mission and growing mindfully.

Are you a yoga teacher and cannabis advocate? Do you want to bring Bend & Blaze to your community?

Do you want to host Bend & Blaze in your space? Do you have the perfect space in mind?

With our tools, this shared vision, and your dedication, passion, and execution, you can build a Bend & Blaze community. Fill out the form and connect with us to learn more about the Bend & Blaze community and to co-create an elevated yoga community near you.

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