Amanda Hitz

Co-Founder & Instructor


After moving to Denver in 2011, Amanda discovered and instantly fell in love with both cannabis and yoga. With a background teaching dance, yoga instruction wasn’t a huge step into the unknown. She has a World Yoga Alliance certification in Hatha yoga and a 200 hour in Hot and Hot-Power Fusion with CorePower. Not long after her first certification, her passion project- Bend & Blaze, was born. Using music and cannabis as her tool, she is able to create space for yogis to mold their practice. Amanda’s classes marry breath and flow with clear alignment direction and strength building to produce a well rounded experience. She strives to make her classes dynamic- incorporating deep melts and strong, energetic holds. Amanda believes in the healing powers of cannabis and daily movement and uncovers more each day that inspires her to share the practice.

Haley Bowden


After four years of having a diverse and consistent yoga practice, Haley moved to Denver. There she found her love of using cannabis as a tool to deepen her yoga practice. She believes that the use of cannabis is helpful to access a flowing meditation to a deeper extent. Wanting to share this passion, she decided teaching was the next step. Using her 200 hours of her Yoga Alliance Power Vinyasa training, Haley aspires to teach classes that use breath, drishti, and movement to create a gentle moving meditation.